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Women are beautiful creatures who deserve wonderful companions. Most men don’t just see women as beautiful but also complex and this makes most men ask the question, “How do I attract a lady?” Others also have this idea that you can just use money to get the attention of women; of course, some ladies actually get attracted to money and luxury. But this is not the only source of attraction for ladies. These are things women look out for before dating a man:

  1. Good Manners:

As said earlier, not every lady loves a man because of his money; most ladies look at how well-mannered a guy is. Someone might ask “what do I mean by well-mannered?” Well-mannered can be termed as someone who is polite, cultured, civilized, gentlemanly, polished, well behaved etc. Therefore when a guy exhibits the above traits, he will surely meet the criteria of most well-mannered ladies.

  1. Social Status and Popularity/Fame:

Social status and fame/popularity can make a lady fall for a guy very easily. I am not in any way saying that all ladies fancy social status and fame. Those who fancy fame & popularity do so because they themselves want to be popular and famous. We can’t blame them, can we? Who doesn’t want to date a popular footballer or celebrity? Well… Not every lady but most ladies will want to. Back in college, a friend of mine was so much into her lover Just because the guy was a popular basketball player on college campus. She was always proud of being labelled as Mr X’s girlfriend everywhere she goes. I know you might be surprised, but note that we are applying individual differences here. Some ladies only get attracted to popularity/fame and social status. They just want to raise shoulders and tell their friends and peers that “my boyfriend is the manager of ‘Y’ Company, or that popular musician or football player.”

  1. Self-Confidence

Self Confidence is also a major determinant of whether a lady will fall for a guy or not. Even in animal’s kingdom, male animals that are confident and courageous often find themselves with multiple partners. This is not so different from humans. Ladies will, of course, describe their ideal men as people who are confident, proud and know what they want. Most ladies don’t want guys who are shy and timid, but guys who they believe will be confident enough to protect them in times of threatening situations.

  1. Physical Appearance and Sexiness

Physical appearance is an important factor in getting an attention of a lady. The first thing a lady looks at when she sets her eyes on a guy is, his dressing and looks; whether  he is neatly dressed, looking presentable or sexy. So guys, before you step out next time, I suggest you check yourself well and make sure you look presentable, classy and sexy. Make the best out of the little you have, because you might not know where you will meet your potential lover and partner.

  1. Caring and Kindness

Women are said to be creatures who love attention. This makes it easy for them to fall for men who give them much attention and care that they need. In fact, women prefer caring men to handsome ‘bad men/boys’. Do you call to check up on her in the morning, afternoon and evening? It send signal about how caring you are.

Ladies also like kind people. It is not about showing kindness to her alone but to others as well. Women are naturally observant; they observe how you treat people around you, especially non-friends, employees, waiters/waitresses etc. The next time you take her out on a date, try and treat the waiter or waitress very kindly. This will send signal to her that you will be caring and kind towards her when you two end up in a serious relationship. Ladies will naturally go for a guy who will treat her like a ‘lady’.


These are things women look out for before dating a man, so before you approach any  woman, make sure you learn and practice them.



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