6 Things Men Do That Lead To Relationship Failure

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Success of every relationship depends on the contribution and hard work of both partners/couples. Men are supposed to give out more when it comes to relationship because they are the head of the nuclear family. Nevertheless, most men are ignorant about some of the things they do that lead to relationship failure. Whether you are in a marriage, courtship or civil partnership, you must be aware of these things that can end your fruitful relationship in a twinkle of an eye. Below are 6 things men do that lead to relationship failure:

1.    Lack of Attention:

Some of the  things  men do that lead to relationship failure is lack of attention. Most men do not see the need to give their women attention they deserve. This is because most men are occupied with work. They work to put food on the table and to contribute money to housekeeping. This, however, is not an excuse not to give care and attention to your beautiful partner who yearns for your attention and care. Granted, too much attention in a relationship can be bad but giving none is worst. Women like it when their guys pay attention to things as little as complimenting their new shoes or dress. Even if you are busy, pick your phone and make that call to her, let her hear your amazing tiring voice. It helps to build the relationship to another level.

2.    Flirting with other Ladies:

Both women and men are guilty of this. While ladies do flirt with their exes, guys also do that. Flirting with other ladies especially in the presence of your partner is a disastrous recipe for any relationship. Some guys even go to the extent of being sexual with other ladies right in front of their partners; this shows lack of respect and love for your partner. And lack of respect and love cause relationship failure.

Women by nature are emotional and jealous. This doesn’t mean men are non-jealous being but they don’t express it as much as women. Guys, you can befriend other ladies but there should be a limit to such friendship. After all, your partner should always come first.

3.    Contacting ex/exes:

In my previous article, 6 things men hate/dislike in relationship but women do them, I made mention of the fact that some women flirt with their exes and that breaks relationship. Another crucial factor that causes relationship failure is the act of regularly contacting your ex/exes.

Let me repeat the questions I asked in my previous article, “Do you still keep close contact with your ex or exes? Do you call her with sweet words in front of your partner? Do you go out or visit her occasionally? Do you compare her with your present partner? If yes to any of these questions then your relationship might hit a rock sooner than later.” When you move on from your previous relationship, do well to cut all ties with that relationship. Put all your effort into making your new relationship work. And always remember that all women cannot behave same. There may be things you will like about your ex but those things don’t matter again after break up.

4.    Physical and Verbal Abuse:

Abusing your woman in any form is a criminal offence in almost every country. The question is, why then does it still occur? I guess it’s because of love and to some extent, society. Some societies do little to protect women from domestic abuse and violence. Abuse can be physical and verbal. Verbal abuse is more common than physical abuse and most men get away with it. Why must anyone abuse his lover? As a man, your duty is to be ‘Mayweather’ and ‘Michael Tyson’ in bed; your strength must bring money home and must make your partner feel safe. Work on your temperament! Visit a counsellor if need be. Your lover is not an object of abuse or punch bag!!

5. Lack of commitment:

What is commitment in relationship? Commitment in relationship is the state or quality of being dedicated to a relationship. Research shows that people who don’t give much commitment in relationships are those who enter into relationships because of various reasons other than love. Commitment is an important key in building a healthy, long lasting relationship. To do this:

1.    Go in all out.

2.    Understand her view point.

3.    Eliminate distractions.

6. Disrespecting Your Lady:

In every relationship, there is the need respect your partner. Guys do disrespect both intentionally and unintentionally. Do you compliment other ladies in front of your lady? Do you fail to recognise her effort and input in the relationship? Do you keep her out of important family decisions and discussions? These are signs of disrespecting your partner.

Respect is reciprocal. You give to receive respect. Guys must endeavour to visit their ladies family; Involve your lady in decision making, especially those that concern the relationship; do not abuse or be rude to her either in private or public; avoid forcing her to do something against her wish/will.

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