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I know a lot of women will be wondering this, ‘what the hell do men hate/dislike in a relationship? Well… I am here to share my objective opinion and personal experience on this matter. Although all men are not same, majority dislike/hate the following:

Men hate/dislike in a relationship:

1. nagging partners:

It is a fact that most women nag about issues men consider as trivial. Yes, men hate/dislike nagging in a relationship! I am sure from women’s point of view they are only trying to bring men’s attention to something important, but this approach put men off. Ladies… please do not nag, but rather communicate with your partner. Get to know his mood swing so that you will know when/how to initiate certain types of conversation. Do you nag when he ask you permission to watch football or visit friends? Think twice this time around.

2.  doing laundry and cooking:

Don’t get me wrong, some men do not mind doing laundry and cooking, but the issue is that most men are lazy when it comes to these two tasks. This is even worst when the man in question is an African, born and bred in an African home. African men view these two tasks as feminine. Their society has trained them (Africa men) to think so. In general, few men like to cook or do laundry so the next time you ask him to do these two tasks, please think twice about it and ask him nicely.

3.  partners who keep hairy private parts:

Before you begin to think about going to the bathroom to shave yours immediately, know this: ‘some men like hairy xxx…’ yes, your guess of the word is right! So get to know his preference. Although some men like it hairy, most men like it shaved/waxed. Personal hygiene is important in any relationship. I am sure you are wondering why it bothers whether it is shaved or hairy? Because to some extent shaved xxx facilitate licking.

4.  when women keep close contact with their exe/s:

Most women are guilty of this. Do you still keep close contact with your ex or exes? Do you call him with sweet words in front of your partner? Do you go out or visit him occasionally? Do you compare him with your present partner? If yes to any of these questions then your relationship might hit a rock sooner than later. Personally I experienced this and the relationship in question didn’t last long. My advice is, stay away from your ex or exes if you want to have a future with your present/ current partner.

5. Men want freedom and will not want it to be taken away from them even when in relationship:

Insecurity makes a lot of women question their partner’s whereabouts every minute of the day. I am sure those who do that see nothing wrong doing so, because in their mind, they are only protecting what they love. However, most men find it as infringement on their freedom. Allow him some freedom to move around and visit friends; allow him some freedom to watch his favourite sport with friends/ family. Don’t get me wrong… there is absolutely nothing wrong calling him from time to time to check up on him but do not go like “Where the hell are you now?”, “where are you”, “you have closed from work so where are you?”, “what are you doing with Miss Walter (made up name)? Doing so will only make you sound insecure. Find interesting ways of asking these questions without sounding insecure or overly-protective or becoming hindrance to his freedom of movement.

6. Taking forever to dress up for a date/ occasion/ event: 

We all know that women want to look pretty when going out and who can ever deny them that? But the getting ready part can end up being longer than necessary. Ladies, men get tired and bored easily for having to wait hours before you get dressed up.

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