9 Things To Know About Your Partner/Lover

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How well do you know your partner? What are his likes and dislikes? There are things that every guy or lady should know about his/her lover. Knowing them will enable you to understand and love your partner very, very well. Below are things to know about your partner or lover:


1. Family background:

One of the things to know about your partner or lover is his/her family background. Since both you grew up in different home and suburb, it is therefore important to get to know how your partner grew up. What family did your partner grow up in? Was he or she abused by them? Were they supportive-type of parents? Get to know  it.

2. Past relationships:

Knowing about your partner’s  past relationships can be good. It can enable couples to avoid the past mistakes that brought about their breakups.

3. Personality trait:

Knowing the personality of your lover is very important in every relationship. This will enable you to understand and cope with your partner’s attitude and behaviour, and for you to help them change. It will also enable you to know the reasons for their actions and inactions. Is s/he  hardy personality or introvert or extrovert or Neuroticism?If you still don’t know then you got to!

4. Medical status:

Both partners must know their medical status. Knowing your partner’s medical status will help you to support and care for his/her medical condition, if any. This means that you will be able to remind your partner to take his/her medications; you will also avoid preparing him/her certain foods that s/he is allergic to. The main reason for knowing your partner’s medical status is for you to be supportive.

5. Sex positions:

Sex is really important in every relationship. It helps couples to be intimate with each other, so knowing your partner’s favourite sex positions and preferences will help you to satisfy each other sexually.

It is also crucial to know what your partner hates in bed: if s/he hates a particular sex position, it is best to know in advance.


6. Finances: 

This is really a no-go area for some people, but if you really want to be in a long-term relationship with your partner then it is important to know this: There should be no secrets about each other’s savings and debts. You will also want to know about the spending habit of your partner, whether he or she is an extravagant spender or a frugal. A frugal person will find it difficult being in a long-term relationship with an extravagant spender because they will always have financial issues and quarrels.

 7. Favourite dishes and drinks:

How well do you know your partner’s favourite food and drink choices? Do they love African or Japanese cuisine? Or they love Indian spicy food? Does s/he love Riesling or Gewürztraminer or Syrah wine? Whatever the food/ drink choice(s) of your partner, you ought to know.

Furthermore, there is nothing better than being surprised with your favourite food and drink by your partner. If you know your partner loves Jollof or fried rice or ice cream, you can surprise him or her with one after hard day’s work.

8. Career goals and aspirations:

You probably know what your partner does for a living, but it is important to know your partner’s long-term career goals and ambitions, and whether they wish to change career in the near future.

An awareness of your partner’s career goals gives you a glimpse of their dreams and aspirations, which can enable you to know your partner better. It also provides you with another gauge of your compatibility. Always be willing to support your partner’s career choice and decisions.

9. TV shows, Movies and Music:

Last but equally important thing to know about your partner is their favourite TV shows. Spending time watching TV shows and movies together will enable you to know his/her favourite TV shows/ movies.

You should know your partner’s favourite music. Who knows, you might be interested in the kind of music or movies or TV shows your partner loves.


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