Vacation: Can It Rekindle Relationships?

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Do you know that a vacation can rekindle your relationship? That single trip you embark on can change your life for the better. It is also essential for revitalising and rekindling your relationship with your partner. In fact, taking a vacation can help salvage broken relationships. The following are benefit of taking couples vacation:

Perfect time for couples to have their peace of mind:

Most couples have less time for each other after having children. This is because their children and work occupy most space and time in their life. While it is certainly true that children are blessing from God and Mother Nature, their presence can also affects the time spent together between you and your partner. We are always worrying about what our children are doing at school or home, worrying about what they will eat etc. to the detriment of our relationship. This can affect the quality time couples spend together, and of course, the less quality time spent together by partners, the more  unhealthy the relationship becomes; it also affects communication, physical and emotional intimacy etc.

Embarking on a vacation trip with your better half without your children can enable couples to give each other a full and undivided attention. After all, your relationship does not revolve round children. Rekindle your relationship with a vacation now!

Perfect time to rediscover your better half:

Vacation offers time for partners to enjoy each other’s company without any external pressure and distraction.  The process of planning a trip together, choosing flights and activities with your partner helps couples to reconnect over shared interests, and to explore new, hidden sides of each other.

Long drives in the scooter, car, airplane, train, and sailing excursions are wonderful time to have deep discussions about the future of the relationship, and to reconcile with one another.

Vacation: how it rekindles relationships2

Vacation rekindles relationships

Perfect time to reconnecting sexually and to have fun:

The truth is, during vacation, you and your partner will have enough time to explore, sexually. Have you become so familiar with your partner that you have not felt genuine organism and excitement during sex? Then vacation is right for you. According to research  by the U.S. Travel Association, couples who travel together on a vacation are “significantly more satisfied with their relationships, enjoying better sex and improved romance long after the trip ends.”

In a relationship, man connects better through sex while woman connect better through communication. Vacation is the right time for both couples to connect with each other. Enjoy the sensual massages, romantic dinners and walks along the beach. Explore sexually… time to ‘sex-cate!’ There is also a fun part of traveling with your partner. You get to see and enjoy the world together as a couple.

Satisfaction and happiness:

A study by the U.S. Travel Association found that women who often take vacations were more satisfied in their relationships. From this study, it can be concluded that couples who embark on frequent vacations have more happiness than those who don’t.

Another study by Jeroen Nawijn, Miquelle A. Marchand, Ruut Veenhoven and Ad J. Vingerhoets  also showed that the largest boost in happiness comes from the simple act of planning a vacation. This means that planning the trip alone can boost happiness of couples.

Of course, playing championship golf, enjoying massage, hiking, biking, canoeing on lakes etc. with your partner will bring happiness, and this happiness will rekindle the relationship. Now, what are you still waiting for? Book your next available flight and pack your vacation bags!

Strengthen relationships:

Vacation strengthens bonds. Enough rest, stress reduction and relaxation are so important to health of couples, and experiencing these things means improving upon your relationship with your partner and others.


Vacation can  rekindle your dead or stagnant relationship with that partner of yours you love so much. It rekindles relationship by giving couples peace of mind to enjoy themselves and to reconnect sexually: This brings happiness in the relationship. Take a vacation at least once a year and live a happy life. What are you still waiting for? Pack your vacation bags!


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