What Do Men Really Want In A Relationship? Check Out These 8 Things

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What do men want in a relationship? The perception of women about what men want in a relationship is not the same as what men really want in a relationship. When it comes to relationships, men often operate in a different spectrum. Knowing what your man want will help you build a long lasting relationship.

Now, what do men want in a relationship? Below are 8 things men want

1. Motivation:

Motivation can be intrinsic and extrinsic. While it is true that some men are intrinsically motivated, a lot of men are extrinsically motivated. This means that some men will need their women to praise them, support and encourage them. He will need to be praised about his sexual prowess in bed.

So ladies, start praising and encouraging your partner. Tell him exactly what you like about him i.e. his smile, his can do spirit, his determination to succeed. Your motivation will reassure him of your love for him.

2. Respect:

The nature of men makes them seek respect naturally; no man will love to be with a woman who will constantly be rude and disrespectful to him. The pride of men easily gets hurt when they are being disrespected. To most men, respect and love are inseparable: the more respectful you are, the more he feels loved. After all, you can’t love a man and disrespect him at the same time.

Respect also means seeing him and treating him as your equal. Avoid comparing him with other men who are somehow better that him in certain things because it will hurt his ego, and he will feel disrespected.

3. Sex & Romance:

In a relationship, men connect better through sex while women connect better through communication. Hold on, this doesn’t mean a man will need sex every day to feel connected. But he need frequent emotional sex for him to connect well with his partner. This type of sex connects partners. It is an emotional sex and not the random fun-type of sex.

Furthermore, like women, men also yearn for romance too. Some men are less romantic while others are more romantic. Try and figure out what your man considers as ‘romantic’ because while some men will cherish chocolate, others won’t. While some men might cherish ‘I love you’ text, others will want flowers. Study your man carefully and know how to be romantic towards him: this will enable him to feel loved.

What do men want in a relationship

4. A supportive woman:

A supportive woman is what men want in a relationship, so as a woman, there is the need to support your man. Women naturally are good helpers. They are good in multi-tasking: they support both their partner and children.

Being supportive means giving him good advice, sharing his responsibilities and being financially supportive. Yes, there is nothing wrong with women contributing financially to the upkeep their family. Men need someone who will be there for them when the going gets tough. If he doesn’t get this from his woman he will seek for it somewhere else. Therefore, women should be supportive in all situations so their men will love them more. This is a secret ingredient in successful relationships.

5. Personal Space:

Female partners usually want more time spent together and the male partners want more time apart.  Men need space and freedom to do things they used to do before meeting their partner. They need time for their hobbies, time with friends, and time to work on their personal stuff and projects.

Normally, when ladies want to solve a particular issue or problem, they go to close friends and family and discuss their issue with them but men will do the opposite. Men would rather prefer to solve it alone. Men do not want to sacrifice their freedom even for marriage. They would want freedom and space to watch their favourite film or sport without hindrance.

Personal space may also include men’s personal gadgets like laptop, smart phones, tablets etc. Women would need to stay away from them. Do not turn into a detective trying to know who your man communicates with. Should there be a need to use your man’s personal gadget, please seek for permission and use it for the permitted purpose.

6. Emotional Intimacy:

No relationship can exist without emotional intimacy. It is a form of assurance that your partner is still on the same page as you. Men naturally do not show their emotional feelings at all times but sometimes they do show their emotion to few people they can trust. So try to be one of those few people he can trust.

Emotional intimacy closely relate to physical intimacy. Physical intimacy can be the manifestation of emotional intimacy i.e. sex can be both emotional and physical. Do not hesitate to be emotionally intimate with him.

7. Fun Fun Fun!!!:

Who doesn’t want to be able to have fun with his/her partner? Men like to crack jokes for their partner to laugh. This sense of humour keeps relationships alive and going. Men generally search for a partner who can also act as a best friend; best friend he can have fun with. Ask yourself this, ‘are you that friend’?

Be willing to watch his favourite TV and sport shows. Don’t hesitate to play television or computer games with him. Occasionally crack one or two jokes and tease him in a fun way. Just have fun!!

8. Security and Reliability:

We all need partners we can rely on and guys are no exception. Your better half is supposed to be someone you can trust with your life and secrets. And having a partner who is reliable and honest can certainly help. To tell the truth, men are no different than women when it comes to wanting security in a relationship (being marriage or courtship).

Your guy needs to know that you won’t break up with him for someone else after he has invested so much in the relationship. Think about it. If a guy is in a relationship with you, he would be traumatised if you just decided to end the relationship for no apparent reason. That is why guys need reliable and trustworthy life partner in a relationship.

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