Why Do Women Cheat Men?

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Why  do women cheat? Women cheat for various reasons, especially when they are pushed to the wall. Unlike men, women need a reason/reasons to cheat their partners. In my previous article, why do men cheat, I concluded that the reasons behind men’s cheating are cultural and evolutionary. In this article, I will point some reasons why women cheat in relationships, being marriage or courtship.

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Some women also cheat men for the sake of revenge. ‘Revenge they say is sweeter than honey’. What do you do when you find out that your husband or fiancé is cheating? Well… to some women, their first response will be revenge cheating. Here, a lady will cheat because his partner cheated on her. It is done out of anger, pain and depression, and to let the man go through  pain as a form of punishment.

Lack of Intimacy:

Lack of adequate intimacy in a relationship can also make a woman to cheat. Whether you like it or not, women need intimacy in their relationships. It can be both emotional and physical intimacy. Of course, women are naturally emotional, so it makes sense that they will need emotional intimacy. Both emotional and physical intimacy are like two sides of the same coin; they walk hand in hand. So every man should do well to give both. No relationship can thrive when there is lack of intimacy. Lack of intimacy on the part of the male partner can force or drive his woman to cheat. The lady only cheats to get the needed intimacy from another man. And without intimacy, the woman will not have anything to hold on to when the going gets tough in the relationship hence cheating. So it is important as a man to be intimate with your partner in order to avoid cheating on her part.

Sexual Unsatisfaction:

A sexually unsatisfied woman is prone to cheating. She will only cheat to get sexually satisfied somewhere. This is much common in relationships, especially when the lady in question is sexually experienced and adventurous. Are you a type of guy/man who ejaculates pre-maturely? Do you only seek out for your sexual pleasure at the expensive of your wife/ fiancée? Are you the kind who is not into sex or doesn’t last long in bed? Well, these problems are potential disaster waiting to strike. Get the needed help immediately. But hold on, there is an opposing view on this,  a research conducted by Florida State University suggests that women who are sexually satisfied have high tendency to cheat. Did I hear you say, ‘but you said women who are sexually unsatisfied cheat?’ Yes I did. What this means is that some women who are sexually unsatisfied are likely to cheat, and others who are sexually active and satisfied can also cheat in order to have more of the sex they enjoy so much.

Money and Luxury:

Women naturally love to be adored with gifts: they loved to be taking for shopping spree, to be bought the new dress, the new house or the new car! A study (source here) suggests that women are likely to cheat if they realise that their partners are stingy. 74 per cent of women surveyed think that their partners are too stingy/ tight-fisted. And all of the 74 per cent of women interviewed cheated due to this reason. After all, who doesn’t want money? As a man, save money for that trip she yearns for, buy that flower, pay for that dinner & vacation, buy her that lingerie from victoria’s secret; because failure to do so will lead to cheating on her part. Period! This also doesn’t mean you should spend outside your means.

Male Infertility:

Male infertility is also leading cause of cheating amongst some women. This condition prevents men from being able to reproduce. This can force women, who want children so badly, to cheat and have extra marital affair in order to have a child. Of course, the major reason for people getting married is have the opportunity to experience motherhood and fatherhood. In Europe and America where adoption is normal, women with infertile partners are more likely to opt for adoption, but in areas where adoption seems abomination i.e. Africa, more women will opt for mothering a child with another man in secret.

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