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A hygienic woman is a woman who keeps herself clean and healthy. Are some women unhygienic? Of course, yes! Some do not follow simple hygiene practices. Will a guy ever date a woman who is unhygienic? Well, not all guys will. Being unhygienic can have serious consequences on your relationship and physical health. Yes, it can affect your healthy relationship, thereby giving you serious relationship problems. Below are women’s  hygiene practices:

Regular Bathing:

The trend of most ladies recently is to bath just once a day.  The reason might be because of their busy work schedule, but it is always advisable for women to bath at least twice a day. BTW, a new study shows that women might not need to shower/bath daily as taking a daily bath can strip away natural oils in the body and hair and this forces the body to produce more oils as compensation. Of course, those living in the colder regions can get away with bathing once daily but those living in places like Africa and Middle East will smell really bad for bathing once due to the heat and sweat.

Hair Care:

Washing one’s hair daily will help keep the hair healthy and eliminate dandruff. Every lady should make sure her hair, whether natural or artificial, is always well kept and neat.  Furthermore, ladies should remove hair from their armpit and pubic as well. Shave with shaving gel or cream to protect your skin before and after shaving. Shaving helps in removing body odour. It should also be noted that every human has a natural body odour/ smell which can’t be eliminated by the use of perfumes and deodorant. This body odour is genetically determined; it is like one’s figure print- very unique to each individual.

Makeup Hygiene:

People might be wondering whether applying makeup has something to do with hygiene. The answer is yes, it does! And makeup hygiene is something that must be taking serious.

  1. Before you start your own makeup, wash your hands first! I don’t think you’ll want to transfer bacteria and germs from your hands to your face or someone’s face.
  2. Do not blow your makeup brush with your mouth as this will also transfer micro bacteria and germs from your mouth to the brush. Remove excess powder from the brush by tapping the brush on your wrist or back of your hand.
  3. Do not reuse sponges, always use new one because they were made to be used and thrown away.
  4. Don’t forget to clean and sanitize your brushes after applying make up
  5. Do not share your makeup kits with anyone. It is for personal use.

Genital Hygiene:

Vagina doesn't smell like rose

Vagina doesn’t smell like roses

Genital hygiene is super important for ladies because ladies are prone to fungi and bacteria infections (Your first time of hearing this I guess?) and this is why the female vagina has the ability to cleanse itself by producing discharges. Naturally, the vagina contains some good bacteria/ flora which help fight infections and prevent irritation; cleaning the vagina with chemicals and douche products means killing these good bacteria, thereby increasing the risk of getting infections and irritations.

Is it really necessary to clean the vagina with douche products, perfumes and chemical soaps? Not necessary!! Using such products can affect the normal balance of the vaginal pH levels and can cause irritation. How then can it be cleaned? The answer is simple, use clean, warm water to clean your vagina at least twice per day. Do not use hot water! And stay away from the use of chemical soaps, douche, antiseptic soaps or gels. Should there be a need to wash down there with soap, use unscented soap to clean the vulva (outer part of the vagina).

Trim It:

Pubic hair can trap sweat and other bodily fluids thereby causing the genital to have bad smell/odour. Vagina odour can have its toll on relationships. To eliminate this, it is recommended to trim, shave or wax the pubic area to prevent excessive sweat and bad odour. You can use this product  to solve your Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) problem in 48 hours. Reducing sweat can help eliminate body odour.

Wear Breathable underwear:

Cotton underwear that allows the woman’s genital to breath is actually good. It helps circulate air to the private part; this reduce odour causing bacteria/fungi. In the night, opt to sleep pantless as this will ensure odour free private part. It will also prevent itching and reduce bacteria growth in the vagina at night. Sleeping without panty also promotes sound sleep and bad odour free vagina.

Visit your Doctor:

Do you experience fishy vaginal discharge?  Do you experience vaginal itching? If yes to any of the above questions, then it is time for you to see your gynaecologist for treatment. Women are naturally prone to bacteria and fungi infections. It is therefore important to practice proper personal hygiene such as wiping your vagina thoroughly after urination, changing wet and sweaty underpant, wiping your butt from front-to-back and not vice versa since this can introduce bacteria from your butt into your urinary tract thereby causing infection known as Urinary Tract Infection (UTI).

Even without the presence of any infection, women are expected to visit their gynaecologist at least once a year. This will enable early detection of disease and for prompt treatment.


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